Lyve Cloud

Your Cloud, Your Way.

A frictionless cloud, available at the metro edge.


Data is currency. Cost should not be a barrier to storing more of it.

Reduce the cost and complexity of your storage infrastructure.


This tightly integrated portfolio is engineered for hyperscale storage efficiency and frictionless data mobility.

Democratizing Hyperscale Storage Architecture

Most businesses and data centres are not equipped with the mass-capacity storage that’s imperative in today’s data economy. Seagate’s more than 40-year storage heritage has culminated in a core technology stack that brings hyperscale cost and architectural efficiencies to the enterprise across software, silicon, system and device innovations. Accelerate adoption of these leading technologies as quickly as they’re available to give your business a competitive edge.

Increased Areal Density

Industry-leading cost per TB with unmatched hard drive capacity at 18 TB and Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology now shipping — plus a roadmap to 50 TB.


MACH.2 multi-actuator-enabled parallelism doubles hard drive performance, maintaining service-level agreements without sacrificing capacity.

Intelligent Object Storage

CORTX is 100% open source, exabyte-scale object storage software that enables reliability, mass capacity and architectural efficiency.

ADAPT Erasure Coding

High-capacity data protection that replaces traditional RAID types and enables rebuilds up to 95% faster with no compromise on capacity.

We Craft the Datasphere

Seagate is the leading provider of bytes globally, having shipped over 3 zettabytes1 in our 40-year history. Data is in our DNA.


“极速飞艇开奖官网结果记录ld’s leader in storage.”

  • 40,000

    Global Employees

  • 40+ Years

    Storage Innovation

  • $10B+

    Annual Revenue

Our Latest Resources

  1. The figure shown in the bytes shipped counter is an approximation based on Seagate’s quarterly average runrate of exabytes shipped.
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